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Remotely Hosted Server

Your DYNAMAT database would be stored on a secure hosted server and would be accessed remotely, via the web. The benefits of storing the DYNAMAT database remotely are as follows:

  • All download/import functions are EMT’s responsibility; any download failures can be quickly and easily remedied
  • EMT engineer’s will have remote access to both the database and the logging equipment meaning visits to your office to work on DYNAMAT will be unnecessary and we can therefore offer reduced service costs
  • As our engineers can access the database remotely to add new meters, any future installation costs could be reduced
  • Your IT department will be ‘out of the loop’, which will free-up storage space on your server as well as negate the need for assistance from them
  • Our support staff will be seeing the same database as yourselves, meaning we can more efficiently assist you with any database issues and software support
  • We now offer GPRS/Hosted Server as standard to new customers, we are encouraging existing customers to upgrade their system to this method. Our ‘Annual Service’ charges have been altered to to encourage this therefore; if you currently take up Annual Service , your annual costs will reduce should you move on to the server

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